Palmarès 2016

The 14th edition of the Brussels Film Festival closed this Friday 24th June with the awards ceremony in the presence of numerous guests, followed by the screening of the film L’effet aquatique by Solveig Anspach, in the presence of the leading actress Florence Loiret-Caille and producer Patrick Sobelman. The official jury consisted of Flemish actress Natali Broods, the Italian director Emanuele Crialese, the Belgian actor Pierre Dherte, Dutch actor Derek De Lint and Croatian director Ivona Juka.

Since this year, the Brussels Film Festival has started to collaborate with famous illustrators to design the festival poster. This year, it is the Belgian illustrator Laurent Durieux who designed the poster for the 14th edition, inspired by the masterpiece METROPOLIS by Fritz Lang. On this occasion, the Cinematek is providing an exceptional screening of the film the day after the festival. Ordered in partnership with movie studios and right holders, Laurent Durieux has recreated famous movie posters such as King Kong, Vertigo, The Master, Jaws, The Wizard of Oz, The Phantom of the Opera or The Godfather, attracting the attention of filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola. An exhibition of his work is still visible at the Maison de l'Image. Meanwhile, Flagey hosted the exhibition 'All colors by Kieslowski' dedicated to the Polish director.

For its seventh edition at the head of the Brussels Film Festival, Ivan Corbisier can boast a success. No less than 30,000 festival goers braved the unpredictable weather to come and attend film screenings, concerts and meetings of this appointment dedicated to European cinema. The festival opened with the delicious Italian comedy La Pazza Gioia by Paolo Virzi with Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Micaela Ramazzotti, who wowed a capacity crowd of 700 spectators in the beautiful Studio 4 of Flagey.

Guest of Honor this year, the German filmmaker Volker Schlöndorff gave an exciting master class in Flagey, before introducing his film The Tin Drum in the Cinematek in the preamble Cycle dedicated to him until July 31.

For the first time, the festival offered a special evening « La fête à… » this year dedicated to Guy Bedos, during which the French actor and comedian was surprised to attend a sold-out show with his friends, including Jean-Paul Belmondo and Michel Boujenah but also Victoria Bedos, Zidani, Jean-Luc Piraux, Bruno Coppens, Pierre Kroll, Banjo or Charlie Dupont and Tania Garbarski. Hosted by comedian Alex Vizorek and Belgian actor Fabrizio Rongione, this evening filled with emotion and laughter, was held at Theatre 140, where Bedos started his career and where he bids farewell to the stage.

True to its tradition, the Brussels Film Festival offered a free Film-Concert evening as part of the Fête de la musique on June 21st. After the Tindersticks, the Chromatics, Chrysta Bell, Roscoe, Melanie De Basio, My Little Cheap Dictaphone or Free Zone in previous years, the Film-Concert brought together artists Castus, Kris Dane and Mustii.

During daytime, the festival also organized for the fifth consecutive year a film and music Speed ​​Dating for professionals. Seventeen musicians were able to meet directors and producers to present their work and stimulate future collaborations. Other professional workshops also took place during the Brussels Film Festival.  Two Workshops on scriptwriting, one with the French writer of The Family Bélier, Victoria Bedos, and one with the Belgian director Vanja d'Alcantara (Le Cœur régulier) as well as a lively Sunday Film School hosted by Elliot Grove from Raindance.

Sunday was dedicated to family time with the screening of the animation film Adama, a theater scholarship and music and even a gathering of vintage cars involved in a film (including Toto le Héros and James Bond).

This edition also hosted the Flemish filmmaker Tom Geens (Couple in a hole), Spanish director Iciar Bollain (El Olivo), the Macedonian director Svetoraz Ristovski (Lazar), the Czech producer Vaclava Fenclová (We are never alone), filmmaker Spanish Kike Maillo (Toro), Polish actor Janusz Chabior (Life must go on), French director Camille Fontaine (Par accident), the Dutch directors Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan (Strike a pose), French filmmaker Pascal Bonitzer and lead actress Agathe Bonitzer (Tout de suite maintenant), French director Denis Imbert and his actress Victoria Bedos (Vicky), the Spanish director Carles Torras (Callback) Spanish producer Marta Esteban (Truman), Frédéric Fonteyne, Rachel Lang, An Pierlé, Ivan Paduart, Gert Bettens (K's Choice), Corentin Skwara, Eric D'Agostino, Matthieu de Braconier, Bernard Yerlès, Samuel Lampaert, Salomé Richard and many others.

Below you will find the winners of the 2016 edition.

The 15th edition of the Brussels Film Festival will take place from the 16th to 23rd June 2017 at Flagey.

Official Jury
Natali Broods (actress – Belgium NL)
Emanuele Crialese (director – Italy)
Pierre Dherte (actor – Belgium FR)
Derek De Lint (actor – The Netherlands)
Ivona Juka (director – Croatia)

Official Competition
A GOOD WIFE by Mirjana Karanovic (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia)
BLIND SUN by Joyce A. Nashawati (France, Greece)
CALLBACK by Carles Torras (Spain, USA)
COUPLE IN A HOLE by Tom Geens (UK, France)
EL OLIVO by Iciar Bollain (Spain-Germany)
LAZAR by Svetozar Ristovski (Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, France)
PIKADERO by Ben Sharrock (Spain, UK)
SUNTAN by Argyris Papadimitropoulos (Greece)
THE STUDENT by Kirill Serebrennikov (Russia)
TONI ERDMANN by Maren Ade (Germany, Austria)
VIVA by Paddy Breathnach (Ireland) WE ARE NEVER ALONE by Petr Vàclav (Czech Republic, France)


Official Competition – Value 10 000 € to the right keeper (distributor or seller or producer).

TONI ERDMANN by Maren Ade (Germany/Austria)

WHITE IRIS AWARD for Best First Film

Official Competition - Value 10.000 € by Panavision

A GOOD WIFE by Mirjana Karanovic (Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia)

Jury Award
Official competition - 7.000€ to the director of the film for a next post production. Sponsored by Dame Blanche.

by Carles Torras (Spain/USA)

Cinelab Award for Best Photography
Official competition - 3.000€ offered for a next production. Sponsored by Cinelab.

Giorgos Arvanitis for the film BLIND SUN
by Joyce A. Nashawati (France/Greece)

3.000 € offered as support in Digital-Cinema lab’s services:  conform - colorgrading - DCP mastering & versioning in Cinelab studios in Brussels, as part of a next production The award recognizes the photographic quality of the projected image, this is why it is granted to the DOP.
The prize is not transferable (except production), and is valid for 2 years from the date of delivery.


Best Screenplay Award
Official Competition - 2.000€ to the scriptwriter. Sponsored by SABAM

by Maren Ade  (Germany/Austria)

ASA Jury

Laurent Brandenbourger
Vincent Guillemot

Cineuropa Award
Official Competition - Promotion award, value 5.000€.

by Ben Sharrock (Spain/UK)

Cineuropa Jury

Matt Boas
Valerio Caruso
David Gonzalez
Laura Nanchino

UPS Cinephile Award
Official Competition - Helps to send the film all over the world. Value 3.000€.

by Argyris Papadimitropoulos (Greece)

The prize was delivered by Fabrice Theberge, UPS.

UPS Jury

5 young cinema lovers


Audience Award
supported by Brussels Airlines
All sections.

EL OLIVO (The Olive Tree)
by Iciar Bollain (Spain/Germany)

Brussels Airlines offers 2 return tickets for a European destination to 2 cinema lovers chosen by lot.

RTBF TV Prize of Best Film
Distribution support 10.000€ - All sections.
10.000€ to the right holder for Belgium (distributor or seller or producer).

by Maren Ade  (Germany/Austria)

BeTV Prize of Best Film
Distribution support 5.000€ - All sections.
5.000€ to the right holder for Belgium (distributor or seller or producer)

EL OLIVO (The Olive Tree)
by Iciar Bollain (Spain/Germany)


Supported by Studio L’Equipe (value 2.000€)

by Laurens Jans (Belgium)

Jelle Brans
Thibault Van de Werve
Jeroen Van Rossem

CINELAB Award for Best Cinematography
Sponsored by Cinelab (value 1500€,  offered for a next production)

Fiona Braillon for the photography
of the film DROLE D’OISEAU by Anouk Fortunier

1.500 € offered as support in Digital-Cinema lab’s services: conform - colorgrading - DCP mastering & versioning in their studio, as part of a next production. The award recognizes the photographic quality of the projected image, this is why it is granted to the DOP.

The prize is not transferable (except production), and is valid for 2 years from the date of delivery.

JURY : Benoît Derval - Cinelab